About Us

Our Mission

We hold each other to the highest standards. We take pride in what we do, and we take pride in how we do it. When cargo is entrusted to us, we know we must perform. Every time. No matter what. We meet the needs of our clients while maintaining efficient schedules and competitive rates. Regardless of the type of cargo or the ports involved, an efficient transport solution is always the goal.
Every shipment is different. We approach each one with the desire to make it work, and with that swiftly adapt to new or changing requirements.
We look forward to engaging with you – as a customer, an employee or as any other interested partner for AK & K SHIPPING Company
The quality of the service that AK & K SHIPPING Company offers is the key factor in our continued success. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our highly committed team, who serve customers that are looking for the highest quality in terms of relationships and requirements. We believe that, in a fast changing World, our customers need a safe pair of hands into which they can entrust their business. Our forward looking-and dynamic approach means that we never stand still. We constantly review and develop our services to match our customer's needs and expectations.
Our Marine Work is to provide and operate the following specialized vessels:
General Cargo - Bulk Carrier - Other vessels Type

Our Vision

Our cargo order are always firm and stemmable, and our sailings are on schedule.
Maritime chartering is the most commonly used formula when it comes to sea freight transport, and our Chartering Department is engaged in all types of Charter for major and vital commodities securing suitable ships of different sizes for efficient & effective transportation of our Principal’s cargo from its origin to its destination.

To protect our clients privacy and confidentiality, we usually do not put our cargo orders in the market, and work directly with our trusted and reputable shipowners which we usually represent as general or preferred agents. This also enables us to provide quality service at economic and reasonable rates.
AK & K SHIPPING Company is truly independent free to seek out the very best routes, rates and services for our customers. Our experience means that we can select the best Vessels of transport for your consignments. In addition, the volumes of business that we handle mean that we can negotiate the best possible rates for you. As a result, you benefit from the most efficient and cost effective service possible.
With the wealth of our experience and knowledge we develop creative solutions that best meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients. Therefore, we have the best shipping people in the industry.